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Capri by Fraser Johor Bahru (Part 2) – Breakfast review and facilities

This is Part 2 of my Capri by Fraser Johor Bahru review. I gave a room tour here.

We have now spent a well-rested night and are excited for breakfast. Breakfast is served from 6:30am to 10:30am, so we woke up early and headed down to their resident restaurant ‘Caprilicious’. It was also our first time walking about to explore the hotel.

Caprilicious, Capri by Fraser Johor Bahru’s all-day dining

Cozy alfresco seating outside the restaurant
Gorgeous kitchen!

The restaurant had large windows with sunlight streaming in from all angles, which made it feel so welcoming. The high ceiling was also a great feature. Everything in the restaurant was so well-designed. It was modern and luxurious.

A panoramic view of the restaurant

The restaurant was all decked-out and ready for a huge crowd. We were very lucky because it was the soft launch period, we had almost the entire place to ourselves.

Bread and pastry station
Waffles and egg station
Malaysian delights

International buffet was on the menu so we helped ourselves to a little bit of everything. They have mainstays such as the bread and egg station, salad and cereal bar, and also local tastes like warm porridge with condiments, and ayam nasi goreng with sambal, which they will switch up everyday.

Day 1’s breakfast spread
Day 2’s breakfast spread

We took care not to over-fill our plates even though there was so much food available. Over the years, we have learned to ditch the ‘kiasu’ mindset when it comes to buffets. When we’re young, clearing ten plates is no feat, but now, it is better to just take what we can finish. After all, quality is better than quantity. Food is good!

With my love.
Everything is good.

These moments are so, so precious. I savoured the food, the atmosphere, the peacefulness, and time spent with my love. As even though we may re-visit Caprilicious in the future, the exact moment there and then, the jokes we shared, may never present itself again.

Exploring the hotel facilities

After a satisfying breakfast, we decided to explore the hotel’s facilities. We didn’t plan to swim, but it is still mandatory to check out the pool. There is an infinity pool and a jacuzzi pool.

Towels for hotel guests
Pool overlooking JB checkpoint

Did I mention that Capri by Fraser is really near to Johor Bahru’s customs? You can even see it from here! We came by in the evening on the second night again when it was cooler, and saw some guests chilling by the poolside.

Gym and Laundry room + Play Station Games Room

Having fun in the gym

We’re the kind who will avoid stepping into gyms simply because people in there are intimidating (no offense!), and the place usually smells musty from all that perspiration. But thankfully we managed to play around a bit in their newly opened gym because there was no one at all. Haha we had fun trying out the different equipment.

Laundry room
Games room with Playstation

Next, we went to check out their laundry room, where you can wash your clothes if you need to, and play Playstation while waiting. Of course we didn’t let up the chance to play some Overcooked and FIFA. Unfortunately there is only one station where you can play (not a real Games room per se), so I reckon it might not be available when the hotel gets more crowded.

Enjoying some Overcooked!

I love Overcooked but it is sooo difficult to play. Haha. Nevertheless, I’m still thankful for having the chance to relax like this.

That’s all for this post! Thank you for reading. Here’s my Capri by Fraser Johor Bahru hotel room tour if you haven’t read it. In my next post, I will be sharing about where we went for our trip (basically more food, and food!)

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