Event: Laneige Spring/Summer 2014 Color Makeup Series

Laneige 2014 Korean make upWant to look like Song Hye Kyo? Laneige has unveiled its 2014 colour make up series – a comprehensive range of eye shadow palettes, blushers and lipsticks that can help you achieve a ‘natural Korean beauty’ look! I was very lucky to preview the collection at a cozy event held at Full House, and also get my hands on the newly launched Laneige make up. :)

Laneige 2014 Korean make upStars of the show: 7 highly-pigented Pure Radiant Shadow palettes; 6 Pure Radiant Blush colours and 20 vivid Serum Intense Lipstick colours! We were tasked to ‘shop’ for one of each to bring home in our goody bags. Why ‘tasked’? Because it was such difficult decisions!! Let’s have a look at the collection and the products I picked.

Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow Palettes ($40.00)

Pure Radiant Shadow Laneige make upThe Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow are high-pigmented colour shades made with ultra-fine, consistent powder that glides on smoothly and evenly. I love how the glitters are elegant and not over the top.

laneige eye shadow palettesI picked No.1 Urban Beige as it is very versatile and classy. The second colour you see on the Urban Beige palette is actually more of a champagne pink than brown, which is great for me as I can’t use too much pink, nor too much brown.

Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick ($34.00)

laneige Lipstick 2014 colours and priceSuper amazed by the colection of Serum Intense Lipstick colours! I WANT THEM ALL, haha, but in the end I chose LR05 Flash Pink! How about you, which has caught your eye?

Laneige 2014 Korean make upSwatches of 6 of my favourite colours. They are all very creamy, and contains 3 types of moisture-sealing and 35% skincare ingredients that protect the lips. Say goodbye to cracked lips!

Laneige Pure Radiant Blush ($38.00)

Laneige Pure Radiant Blush review and priceLaneige’s Pure Radiant Blush gives a very natural and radiant finish due to its extra fine powder particles. The fine particles also fill in any wrinkles to reflect light evenly, and that gives you that smooth and bouncy cheeks. ;)  I picked No.1 Chi Chi Pink.

More on the products later, but now check out how Laneige’s Makeup Artist & Global Trainer, Cat Koh, created a natural Korean look with the Spring/Summer makeup collection!

Laneige Cat Koh 2014 make upCat flew in specially from South Korea to showcase the collection and we are so honoured to have her here! She’s got such a bubbly and adorable personality and the make up demonstration was full of laughter! :)

Laneige 2014 Korean Make UpBefore: Model ShanShan, Laneige’s Brighten Up Global Beauty Camp Singapore Ambassador, with eye make up and ‘Aegyo Sal’ on the right eye. ‘Aegyo Sal’ is the Korean trend of having puffy eye bags! Well, they aren’t really eye bags, but a layer of skin on the lower eyelid that gives this youthful and friendly look! 

Laneige 2014 Korean make upThe end result: Cat did her magic with the Spring/Summer make up palettes, and completing the make up demonstration with Laneige’s BB Cushion. That BB Cushion is the bomb! It totally lifted the makeup with a dewy layer, creating a bright, smooth and translucent complexion.

Laneige 2014 Korean make upShanShan with Cat. We were all watching in awe at how Korean ShanShan looked after filling in brows, contouring and highlighting.

Laneige 2014 Korean make upWe couldn’t wait to get dolled up in the new palettes, and Laneige indulged us with make up artists on site. Hiak hiak, pampering time!

Laneige 2014 Korean make upMy Korean-inspired look done by the MUA that day :) I find that my features were soften by the colours used.

Thank you Laneige and WOM for the invite to the event! I couldn’t wait to play with the make up, check out below for a look I re-created with the products I got.


Laneige 2014 Korean Make Up

Make up done using No.1 Urban Beige eye shadow palette, No.1 Chi Chi Pink Pure Radiant blusher, and LR05 Flash Pink lip colour.

I really really love the LR05 Flash Pink lippie!! x

Head to any Laneige beauty counter to check out the new range of make up now. For more information, please visit Laneige Singapore Website or Facebook Page.


Beauty Event: Lush Singapore’s Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Lush singapore cosmeticsWhen I received the invitation from Lush Singapore to attend their Christmas party, I was super excited, cuz I’m a sucker for anything handmade!  I just love the feeling of getting my hands into the act of creating something useful.  Combine handmade and beauty stuff, and you have me sold. I’ve even tried my very own DIY blueberry yogurt mask.

So imagine that everything in this saccharine shop is handmade, even soaps, cleansers, face masks etc, things which you never ever thought could be handmade!

Lush singapore Suntec CityMeltable body massage bars made of wonderful moisturising butters and essential oils to give you the perfect rub-down. They actually melt directly on contact with warm skin!

Lush singapore Suntec CitySolid shampoo bars in the shape of macarons. Even the colours are so delectable.

Lush singapore Suntec CityHenna hair dyes shaped like chocolate bars. These are actually natural, synthetic-free hair dyes that contain cocoa butter to nourish your tresses while dyeing them back to the desired dark shades. I think I will be pretty interested in this when my hair starts to grey.. Haha.

Lush singapore Suntec City Lush singapore Suntec City Lush singapore Suntec CityHo ho ho, ladies and gentlemen, these are not cheeses. You have been deceived! These huge blocks are actually shower soaps in all sorts of delicious mixtures, such as honey, vanilla, caramel, or even fruits like currants and apricots, all aiming to make you smell like you just came out from a candy shop (which in actual you just emerged from the bathroom). The one just above – Honey I washed the kids – is Lush’s best seller in the soaps category!

Lush singapore Suntec CityIf I didn’t know that I was in a beauty shop, I would have mistaken the products on display to be edible food! They actually look good enough to eat. Is it weird to say that I’m actually getting hungry looking at these?

Lush singapore Suntec CityBut of course, bloggers and media were engaged in an on-the-spot demonstration and hands-on activity of making one of their Christmas Fresh Face masks, Rudolph! Those were the exact ingredients that went into the Rudolph mask, nothing more, nothing less. All very organic, and very fresh.

Lush singapore Suntec City Lush singapore Suntec CityAnd here we go, using a handheld mixer to mush the ingredients together. It’s really like baking! Hammy and I even use the same metal bowl to bake breads at home. Hahaha it’s from IKEA, I know. ;)

Lush singapore Suntec City Lush singapore Suntec CityAdding in the powdered calamine, oatmeal, and green tea powder.. and more mixing!

Lush singapore Suntec CityFinally it’s looking more and more like a homemade facial mask :)

Lush singapore Suntec CityWe brought home one Rudolph Fresh Face mask home each that night. I’m still very amazed at how much care is taken into making fresh face masks at Lush; they mentioned that even their vegetables/produce used are fresh and organic that contain no pesticides!

Lush singapore Suntec CityNext, Lush taught us how to make our own carrier bags. This method of turning a piece of square cloth into various functional bags originated from Japan, called Furoshiki. At Lush, they do not encourage excessive packaging for their products, and this is a good way to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Lush singapore Suntec City Lush singapore Suntec CityHaha we even made a backpack, though unfortunately it’s only large enough for the teddy bear to carry. Isn’t it adorable?


At the end of the event, we brought home a bag of gifts courtesy of Lush Singapore! Let’s check out what was inside the gift bag. :D

Rudolph Fresh Face Mask $26.50 / 75g

Lush singapore Suntec City

This is how the Rudolph Fresh Face mask looks like inside the tub. This is one of their Limited Edition mask available just during Christmas season. If you’re suffering from dry and irritated skin, soothe your skin with this mask that contains all the nourishing ingredients above like calamine, cucumber, lavender etc.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar $10.00 / 100g

Lush singapore Suntec CityThis is a bubble bar that soothes, calms and makes bubbles in your bath! It is made with relaxing jasmine, ylang ylang oils, and Irish moss powder to soften your skin, with added aphrodisiac jasmine absolute if you are planning to share your bath with someone special. Jasmine absolute is an essential oil that builds confidence and optimism, which makes me think that this bath bar will be very suitable for the nights before any big occasion. ;)

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar $9.00 / 100g

Lush singapore Suntec CityYou’ve been warned by the name itself; the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar smells sooooo sweet. Its main sweet smell comes from pure Vanilla absolute, an essential oil said to be able to ease anger and frustrations – an ideal stress reliever.

Snowman Bath Bomb $8.50 / 90g

Lush singapore Suntec CityI’m sorry that my Snowman Bath Bomb isn’t looking like much, because it probably flaked off in my paper bag. This bath bomb melts in warm bath water and actually fizzles to release cocoa butter that gets your skin seriously soft.

Melting Snowman $7.50 / 60g

Lush singapore Suntec CityI was really surprised with this Melting Snowman Bath Melt as it felt and looked exactly like cookie dough! Drop half or the entire melt bar into warm bath water as it fills the bathtub, and it melts to release moisturising shea and cocoa butter. While it combats dry and troubled skin, it also invigorates you with a spicy scent made from cinnamon and clove leaf essential oils.


Going to Lush’s event was really an eye-opener and interesting experience (thanks April for the invite!). While there are companies that use science and R&D to come up with the newest and latest serum etc, there are also companies like Lush, which go back to basic all-natural ingredients to make modern cosmetics. And they are such a big hit with consumers!

What about you? Are you enticed by their lovely products yet? Don’t miss out on their Christmas specials. Head down to Lush’s outlets at Wisma and Suntec to check them out if you haven’t!

Wisma Atria

435 Orchard Road, #B1-13

Contact No: +65 6732 6758

Retail hours: 10am – 10pm

Nearest MRT station: Orchard

Suntec City Mall

3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-303

Retail hours: 10am – 10pm

Nearest MRT station: Esplanade


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