[Life Update] Hello 2013!


Happy new year! It’s the time when everyone count their blessings and pen down their hopes and wishes for the new year. For most, we are just glad that the world didn’t really end in Dec, aren’t we? Hah. For me, 2012 was a year of changes and challenges. I graduated from college, and slowly adjusted myself in the working world. Met many kinds of people, both good and bad. But some really awesome people as well, whom I felt I’ve known for years, even though we are more than 20 years apart in age.

I would say, the best thing that happened to me in 2012 was being invited to be the blogger ambassador to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer. It was really meaningful work as I helped a few brave ladies to connect with each other through my blog.

I also started being serious with BearyNaise, our own shop that sells handmade bags/pouches. I have so many plans coming in the new year, starting with the brand new website and Facebook page which I’m unveiling very soon! :D Gave a lot of thought, and convinced several people. But all I know is, I have Hammy to thank for encouraging me every step of the way, and never giving up on me. It’s not easy, it’s really not, and they always say pursuing your dreams is a leap of faith. But I realised that if it’s something in you, you would do it no matter what. No matter how much you tried to conform to society’s demands in the first place. For me, I never believed that I would be just ordinary.

The dream is just starting, and I’m not giving up. I hold a lot of hopes for BearyNaise in the year 2013, and I’m going to achieve them, by taking baby steps. Haha I should leave the results to speak for itself. Stay tuned!

This is the first time I’m feeling so pumped up about a new year. Previously I’d be like ‘meh’, a new year sucks and there’s nothing to look forward to. I hope my determination lasts, but probably the most important thing that I must overcome is my health and stamina. Haha it’s physically taxing to be working and handling a business at the same time, and I’ve already been to the doctor’s once for exhaustion. :S Doctor’s advice is to EXERCISE. How did he know that that’s what I’ve been trying to do but failed for the longest time? Ok ok I will try. *pulls up blanket and sleeps instead*

Haha, but lastly, thank you readers. It’s because of you that I get sponsored products to review, and also opportunities to attend events. I’m really really thankful. And mostly, the sense of satisfaction that I get when I see ‘Likes’ on my posts. Although I feel a little guilty that my blog has been really stagnant due to my schedule…. (oh my, I really miss sitting down and writing my heart out like this) So thank you! :)

Best wishes to everyone. Just be happy.