DRx Clinic #4 – Facial Laser Therapy for Pigmentation and Unsightly Capillaries

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Hi guys! It’s been two weeks since I’ve done my laser to remove pigmentation at DRx Clinic, and I am loving every moment of it now! Read on to find out about the recovery process and final outcome. You can also read about my previous posts (#1, #2, #3) so you’ll get a better idea of how my journey with DRx has been like so far.

So… This is my face with no make up on after using Dermal-Rx’s skin care line for about two months without fail. I really have no complains! Breakouts are minimal, and skin is clear.

Review: Facial Laser Treatment at DRx Review: Facial Laser Treatment at DRx

On the 2nd consultation in December 2013, Dr. Yanni mentioned that my main concerns would be pigmentation and unsightly red blood vessels under my nose, and I was booked for TWO laser procedures (reason below) one month later in January. Prior to that, I was very excited yet a little nervous as laser is the most adventurous (crazy) thing I had done for my face. And I really had no idea how it will turn out, but Dr. Yanni was really reassuring and confident. She gave me the impression that it was something that she had done tons of time before (which I believe is true), and so I decided to cast my concerns aside and trust in my lovely doctor :) Plus clearing my face of freckles and capillaries will greatly improve my skin tone and texture!

Review: Laser Treatment at DRx Review: Laser Treatment at DRx

Applying Numbing cream before Facial Laser Procedure

On the day of my laser treatments, I arrived at the clinic 1 hour before my appointment to apply numbing cream. It takes roughly 30 minutes for the numbing cream to have its full effect. You can opt out if you’re pressed for time, but I will recommend it.

Review: Laser Treatment at DRx Review: Laser Treatment at DRxThe DRx treatment rooms are clean and bright, very classy and professional looking. After applying numbing cream, I sat at the treatment waiting area and read magazines to wait for my turn. I was at the clinic at 10am on a weekday so it was still pretty empty.

Review: Laser Treatment at DRxNumb numb numb. It wasn’t strong as I still had full control of my cheeks, but definitely could feel that the skin surface had less sensation. To be honest I was a little disappointed as I hoped that the numbing cream would be stronger! Haha the procedure had better not be painful!

*I got more nervous as the minutes passed*

Reason why I needed two Laser treatments

Since I had two main concerns – freckles and red blood vessels – I had to have two types of laser done. Laser is a concentrated beam of a specific wavelength of light. It is extremely specific (only shoots out at one particular wavelength), and is able to target one specific spot.

For freckles, a laser beam of 694nm wavelength (red light) is chosen as it is attracted to the brown pigmentation. As such, only the freckle will absorb the laser energy and be broken down by the body. This leaves the surrounding skin undamaged.

For unsightly capillaries under the skin, a wavelength of 532nm (green light) is selected as the green light is attracted to the red coloured capillaries. Similar to the ‘freckle theory’, only the red blood cells will absorb the 532nm laser beam and be lysed.

After a few days, the lysed red blood cells and pigmentations will be removed by the body naturally. The freckles will literally FALL OFF your face. Amazing!

Unlike IPL, laser is more targeted on specific areas and not done on the entire face.

Review: Laser Treatment at DRx

The protective eyewear that Dr. Yanni, Brenda (marketing) and a few other consultants had to wear during the procedure. As for me, my eyes were covered with the spoon-like metal caps.

1) Facial Laser treatment at DRx Clinic to remove pigmentation

No photos were allowed because everyone in the room had to avoid looking directly at the laser beam. But the process went something like this…

I laid on the bed, and Dr Yanni came in and saw how nervous I was and immediately went, “Oh dear, why do you look so scared? Don’t worry!!” Haha and then Brenda  passed me a Teddy bear to hug during the procedure. LOL I accepted the Teddy with open arms and felt instantly better (seriously, Teddies provide the greatest comfort).

Then Dr. Yanni prepped the machine, and gave me a heads up that she was going to start. At first, she started with a small freckle and then zapped. Ooh, I didn’t feel a thing! It was like a tiny tap on the skin. Dr Yanni asked, “How is it? Is it painful?”, and I exclaimed, “It’s like nothing!!” in amazement. LOL thanks, numbing cream!

During the procedure, I could smell a burnt smell coming from the laser when it came close to my nose. That surprised me a little so I tried not to breathe it in (I’m such a scaredy-cat!), but otherwise, the pain level was about 2/10 during the procedure, and then about 5/10 after it was done. This is because by then my cheeks were burning with all that heat energy trapped in my skin.

2) Facial Laser Treatment to remove unsightly capillaries

After the first laser, I was led to another treatment room for the second laser that requires another machine. (I had to leave Teddy in the previous room!)

This time, the laser felt like small electricity zapping on my skin. Dr Yanni targeted the laser beam on the reddish areas around and under the nose and some parts near the lips. It was done in a jiffy! Pain level was about 1/10 (a bit ticklish in fact?).

Application of Soothing Cream and Dermal-Rx Sunblock after laser

After that, a consultant applied soothing cream and Dermal-Rx sunblock. Sun protection is very important after lasers as the skin is more sensitive than usual, and Dr Yanni advised me never forget to use sunblock. My freckles will come back if I get exposed to the sun again! Yikes! But actually, I think new ones will appear because I never applied sunblock during my younger days… Now that I know the importance of sunblock, I kinda regret!! So start using sunblock as early as you can, peeps! The Dermal-Rx Tinted Sunscreen is my favourite so far.

Recovery from Facial Laser

Review: Facial Laser Treatment at DRx

[Immediately after the procedure] Requested for a face mask so I didn’t have to go out into the Orchard Road crowd with extremely dark spots on my cheeks! Haha I rather be stared at for wearing a mask than gawked at for having really horrendous skin. Check out the photos below for the recovery process!

My skin care routine after the laser treatment remained the same as previously, you can read about my DRx skin care routine here and here.

Review: Facial Laser Treatment at DRx Review: Facial Laser Treatment at DRx Review: Facial Laser Treatment at DRx Review: Facial Laser Treatment at DRx

Pretty amazing right?

I’m so pleased with the results! The week of enduring the super brown spots on my face was worth it, as my skin tone is even now – something that I’ve always wished for! :D Thank you Dr Yanni and DRx Clinic!

As promised, recovery took one week. Directly on the day itself, my freckles were super dark and bumpy. My cheeks were also reddish and sensitive to touch. Then on Day 1, the redness subsided, but the spots still felt bumpy and skin was still a little sensitive. Basically from Day 0 to Day 3, nothing much changed… I was still waiting patiently for the freckles to disappear. By Day 4, I could feel the the dark spots were ‘getting ready to peel off’ as they were dry and a little elevated.

Then around Day 5, while applying toner, I found out that some freckles landed on my cotton pad! I was so happy that finally something was happening! HAHA. Then Days 5 and 6 saw more freckles falling off my face while I was cleansing or removing make up. The feeling was simply awesome. DIE YOU, FRECKLES, DIE! ;D

Review: Facial Laser Treatment at DRx

Yup, and so this is my skin now. The laser somehow also gave me super smooth skin, just in time for Chinese New Year too! I can’t express how thankful I am for the stark improvement in skin tone and texture ever since starting on the DRx journey. It’s all too good to be true…! :’)

If you or anyone you know is suffering from hyper-pigmentation, do keep DRx Clinic and Dr Yanni in mind. One of DRx Clinic’s specialisations is treating skin pigmentation! If you’re interested to find out more, visit their website (www.drxclinic.com/site) or call (65) – 6733 1555 for enquiries. Psst, besides Singapore, DRx Clinic is also in Malaysia, click here to find out more.


Thanks for reading my FREAKIN’ LONG post! Cheers to great skin! <3

DRx Clinic #3 – Follow-up and Deciding on Laser Treatment

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Drx Clinic review

Time flies! I’ve already been using Dermal-Rx skin care products from The DRx Clinic for 1 half months and my skin has been really clear so far. No major pimples, no flaky skin, and minimal blackheads/whiteheads. All I can say is DRx is working really well for me!

DRx Clinic Review - Mypeaceofheaven

2nd Consultation

I went back for a 2nd consultation with Dr. Yanni for follow-up. The follow-up is an evaluation on whether any changes to the skin care regimen is necessary (check out my prescribed regimen from the first consultation!). Dr. Yanni wanted me to voice out my concerns for my skin before she proceeded to give her professional comments, which I think is quite endearing cuz I get a say in what improvements I would like to see for my skin. I told her that the regimen is working great; my severe pimple marks have been lightened,  skin brightened, and pore size greatly reduced. However, my freckles around my cheekbone are still there, and I would like to see more improvements in my skin texture. Still haven’t got that baby-smooth skin, but I’m almost there!!

Dr. Yanni’s words…

Dr. Yanni agreed that my freckles are a little stubborn, and I have mild rosacea (a skin condition characterised by redness and small visible blood vessels near the surface of the skin). This is really common among Asian women and I was very relieved that she said that what I have is a very mild form. She also asked if my T-zone gets oily easily and I replied yes! Totally forgot about that because usually I just use tissue to dap and it doesn’t really bother me much.

Skin problems don’t go unsolved at The DRx Clinic!

After we pointed out the areas that can be improved on, Dr Yanni gave solutions to all the concerns raised. I was to continue on my usual routine, except to reduce the usage of Strong Lightener, and to include a new addition.

Oily T-zone: I was prescribed a newcomer in my beauty routine. Dermal-Rx’s Blemish Formula.

Freckles: Dr Yanni is going to perform non-ablative laser targeted at hyper pigmentation on my next visit.

Unsightly red blood vessels:  At the same time, she will perform laser treatment to remove undesirable blood vessels on my face.

You must be thinking what red blood vessels?! Since a long time ago, I’ve already noticed that the area under my nose, and some spots on my cheeks seem to be perpetually reddish when my face is bare. They are caused by visible tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin, a symptom caused by rosacea. They don’t really pose any problems to me, but they create this sort of uneven skin tone where some blotches of my skin are forever reddish. So I was happy when Dr. Yanni said there’s a solution to that. :)

And YES, I’m going to remove my freckles~~ More info on the Laser Treatments in my next post! Stay tuned for it if you’re thinking of going for one. I’m so excited!

Say Hello to Blemish Formula!

Blemish formula Dermal-Rx review -Mypeaceofheaven

The Blemish Formula (BF) works by controls the production of excessive sebum, in turn reducing the occurrence of blemishes and breakouts. It is an all-natural formula, and smells a little herbal.

Blemish formula DRx review - Mypeaceofheaven

Just a thin layer is required over the affected areas (in my case the T-zone). It is a little oily upon application.


DRx Clinic Consultation Fees

If you’re planning to visit DRx Clinic, here are the Consultation Fees and Product Price List for your reference!

Senior Medical Director

1st time visit: S$80 (Adult)

Subsequent Visits: S$35 (Adult)


1st time visit: S$ 35 (Student – below 21 years old)

Subsequent Visits: S$25 (Student – below 21 years old)


Medical Director/Doctor

1st time visit: S$50 (Adult)

Subsequent Visits: S$25 (Adult)


1st time visit: S$ 25 (Student – below 21 years old)

Subsequent Visits: S$15 (Student – below 21 years old)


Consultation Package: S$200 (for all ages, unlimited visits, terms and conditions apply)

Guess what?

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:) That’s all for now, I’m looking forward to my laser treatment! Til’ the next update on my DRx journey!

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Cheers to great skin! x

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