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    [Life Update] Collected my Churpie~

    So SO lucky that I remembered to collect Churpie on the very last day of the collection period. I’d won him from Valerie (Miss Universe Singapore 2011) @Dweam ‘s twitter contest! All I had to do was to tweet why I love churping! I didn’t know how cute Churpie is until I got him. Haha I sound like I’m badmouthing him but his head is bigger than his body so he always topples! But it’s cute lahhh. Lol So now Churpie is safely with me. He’s trying to mingle with bearbear, but bearbear says he needs time to get to know him. He’s shy but can be territorial. So, we’ll…

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    Murphy, I don’t wish to be your friend. kthxbye.

    Today was a perfect example of the forces of Murphy’s law, which is simply stated as, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” . . I should have realized it when I couldn’t get any cabs at all for 50 minutes; even after calling the hotline. I was kept on hold while the recording machine repeated, “Please continue to hold while your request is being made.” or something along that line. Then suddenly, I was just told by the machine, “Sorry, all our taxis in the area are fully booked. Please call again later.” What a feeling to be brushed off just like that! A few moments later I…

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    I loathe you.

    “I make progress by having people around who are smarter than I am and listen to them.” This is the private message I saw on a friend’s MSN today, and I immediately felt upset about it. How can anyone be so practical and still broadcast it? It’s fine if you think some people are more dumb than you are and don’t associate with them. Must you let it be so clear that you think some people are more stupid than you? Outrageous. I regret ever having you as a friend. I’m so glad I’m not being used by you right now.